A Guide to Buying the Right Synology NAS Now https://nascompares.com/2018/08/21/should-you-buy-a-new-synology-or-old-synology-nas-model-in-2018/

If you are considering buying a new Synology NAS in 2018, chances are that you are looking to buy the newest models. This is completely understandable, a network attached storage device is a solid, long-term investment for you or your business and the last thing you want to do is purchase your new NAS server, only to find out a newer, shinier and more powerful version is right around the corner. Often the main reasons people buy the latest NAS is because:

Latest CPU and firmware revision is used, to ensure high power and efficiency
Future proofing, ensuring that in the event of upgrade/replacement, parts are available
Software support to the highest degree and most recent version
Compatibility with other recent hardware that has been released after the older model
Newer NAS devices are often designed to be more energy efficient, as this is a growing trend and a popular specification to design towards

There is no escaping it, every day we use, create, need and store data. The growth and evolution of Network Attached Storage have been a fast and more and more people in 2016 are finding the need for a NAS Server in their lives. 4-Bay NAS devices are no longer aimed at just business users and IT professionals. Now everyone and his brother wants to get their hands on a NAS solution. However, everyone’s NAS requirements are different. Some just want a cheap NAS, others are looking to keep all their media in a NAS based Plex Media Server and some have more advanced NAS ideas like running Virtual Machines and hosting hundreds of users from one location. We want to focus on QNAP NAS and the QNAP 4-Bay NAS range available to buy at SPAN.COM.

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