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This XQD card would just hang the system when it was plugged in. The careful inspection had revealed that some of the pads got detached from the circuit board. In order to get this card back to work, and get access to the data, we had to remove all 4 NAND memory chips. The board pads were cleaned and re-tined with fresh solder. Using a specialized BGA 152 stencil we’ve rebelled those NAND chips, and repositioned them to the board. Once this procedure was done, we were able to get access to the data on the card.

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Updated 2019 my gear for soldering:
Green inspection light
Platter extractor:
Momentary foot pedal switch
Vacuum pump
Cleanroom wipes:
Quick pogo pin adapter for eepROM
Vacuum chip pickup tool:
Microscope camera 21mp 60fps 1080P:
JBC precision soldering iron and tweezers:
Hot air station:
Infrared preheater:
Flux dispenser:
BEST Flux:
Solder paste for BGA reballing:
NAND BGA rebelling stencil
Fume Extractor (mine is no longer available but this is the new version of the same unit) :

Gear for filming:
small camera:
big camera:
Lens on big camera:

this video:

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