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Soldering station
Hot tweezers
Ultra fine hot tweezers
Bent Tip
Chisel Tip
Thin Conical Tip
No Wetting Tip

JC Tristar Tester

JC Tristar Tester for iPhone/iPad – Charge IC and Serial Number Test Tool

JC C1 Maintenance Box


Low Melt Solder
Leaded Solder 0.015″
Leaded Solder 0.031″
Soldering wire
Soldering wire insulated
Desoldering wick
Heavy Duty wick
Components organizer

Flir Thermal Cam

EEPROM Programmer +21 adapters

Microscope + Lens

Barlow lens

Amscope Articulating Arm stand
Amscope shadow free ring light

Recording equipment used
Roland HDMI Mixer
5D mark 3 Canon Camera
Sony Cameras HD Video Capture Device
Elite Core Mic
Sennheiser Transmitter Reciever
AV to HDMI for Flir cam
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In this repair video we will be working on a lexar 64GB USB 2.0 flash drive that was mailed in for data recovery. The lexar usb flash drive is not recognized by the computer. Upon inspecting the motherboard under the microscope, we noticed a broken flash controller chip. We ordered a similar lexar usb flash drive so we can extract the chip from the new one and put it on the old one. The chip on the new drive did not match up. Since customer is very impatient
and it may take time to find exactly the same drive or chip, the usb drive will be mailed back to the customer unfixed.

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