Lacie not recognized – is this the problem you are having when trying to access your files?
Watch this video to find out more about data recovery on Porsche Design P’9220 and how to get files back from failed hard drive.


Originally, this drive was dropped from the table onto the thick carpet, and next time it was plugged in nothing but quiet beeping sound was coming from the drive. This Porsche Design Lacie drive was not getting detected on any computer. So our customer brought it to us for data recovery in hopes to get back her years worth of pictures back.
In this video you will find following:

1. how to remove a hard drive from Lacie P’9220 enclosure casing
2. how to bypass potentially failed USB controller
3. in what conditions should data recovery process be performed on such hard drives
4. how we extract data from failed hard drives after that had been physically repaired

After another outstanding data recovery performance we brought this drive back to live, and salvaged all off the data from it.

Recovery of lost data from media devices is our specialty, and that is all that what we do on daily bases. If due to unfortunate circumstances, your hard drive failed and you need to get your files out of it – feel free to send us an email listed in the right bottom corner of this video, or simply complete our quick request for recovery on our website’s contact page here:

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